LIMITED WARRANTY : 12months OR 5,000 kms, or that which comes soonest – PARTS ONLY, LABOUR NOT INCLUDED. Please read carefully this entire warranty document, to fully understand the warranty offered to our customers. Ladydell Limited offers our customers a 12months/5000kms limited warranty from the date of delivery of your scooter. Limited warranty is for defects from the manufacturer only. Should purchaser have a part that needs replacing, they should immediately email us at Servicing as per recommendations ( in your service manual ) must be strictly adhered to other wise No warranty claim will be accepted. Proof of servicing will be needed and seen for all warranty claims.

We recommend that you contact a certified small engine mechanic to perform repairs on your vehicle. Any damages that occur due to misuse or improper care of the vehicle including but not limited to exceeding the weight limit, shipping damages, accidents, or gross misuse of normal intended operations are not covered under the warranty.

WARNINGS : Our scooters are not for use for children under 16 years old. This product is to be operated in accordance with the law. Always wear eye protection, a helmet, and protective clothing. Never carry passengers, unless the scooter is built for two people. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never engage in stunt riding. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Avoid excessive speed. Remember to ride your scooter using common sense and avoiding recklessness.

RISKS INHERENT TO OPERATION : Operating a scooter involves risks and dangers involving serious bodily injury. These risks and dangers also include but are not limited to paralysis, disability, dismemberment, and death. These inherent risks may be the result of purchaser’s own actions or non-actions involving: themselves, others, or specific circumstances of the activity occurring, or the neglect or negligence of themselves and or others. There may be other risks known or unknown to Purchaser. Purchaser assumes all risks and fully assumes and accepts responsibility for events that may not be foreseeable including economic loss, social distress, losses, costs, and damages caused as a result of person’s vehicle riding activities.

PURCHASING RESPONSIBILITIES : Purchaser understands the nature of riding motor vehicles and motorcycle riding activities and acknowledges that he or she is qualified to operate a scooter as purchased from Ladydell Limited. Person understands that they must abide by laws and be in proper physical condition to ride a scooter. If purchaser is not familiar with how to operate a scooter, purchaser should seek professional training and be fully competent before riding their scooter. Purchaser is also responsible to inspect and insure motor vehicle before using it to make sure that the motor vehicle is safe to use and in riding order. Prices, Models, Colours, Options may vary.


Scooter / Motorcycle Returns

All Scooters and Motorbikes will be registered and taxed for you using the DVLA Afrl system so the Scooters and motorcycles will have been personalised. (Once the Motorcycle or scooter has been registered in the customers name as first registered keeper) still come under the regulations jurisdation but cancellation rights do not apply (Regulation 13 – EU Distance Selling Directive). If Cancelled then we have the right to charge 25% of the cost of the Bike/Scooter.


ENGINE : Engine long block assembly, including all internal lubricated parts. i.e. rings, pistons, pins, crankshaft and, main bearings, the connecting rods, and rod bearings, camshaft bearings, timing chain gears, rocker arms, valve springs, valve guides, valve seats, valve push rods, valve lifters, and oil pump. Additionally, the engine head (s), engine block and cylinder barrels will be covered if they are solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components specified above. The Cooling system must be in good working order including cooling fans.

TRANSFER CASE : All internal lubricated parts contained within the transfer case. The transfer case itself will be covered if damage solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components contained within the transfer case. DIFFERENTIAL: All internal lubricated parts contained within The drive aifications or equipment. 3 Damage caused by failure to perform factory recommended service maintenance. 4 Damage which occurs as a result of improper storage. 5 Damage caused by the use of improper fuel or lubricants.


1. Ladydell limited is not provided a reasonable opportunity for inspection of a covered component prior to removal, repair or replacement of any covered component.

2. The damage to the component is caused by a non-covered component or part or by any part or component not purchased from Ladydell ltd.

3. The customer fails to follow the minimum maintenance and break-in requirements suggested by the manufacturer, and/or fails to provide proper service documents.

LIMITED WARRANTY TRANSFERABILITY : This agreement is provided to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

No implied warranties or agreements: there are no agreements or warranties, expressed or implied including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those stated in this agreement. Ladydell limited shall not be responsible for the payment of damages other than the sums specified in this agreement. And limited warranty, for incidental or consequential loss or damage arising from injury, loss of use, loss of time, rental vehicles, profits, or income to the customer as a result of a failure of any component or part.

Towing charges: all towing charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.

No other agreement: there are no other agreements between the parties with regards to the components purchased except as stated in this agreement & limited warranty.Important: all sales are final.

Returns Policy: Any bike returned to us for any reason must be returned, unused, undamaged and within 7 days of purchase at customers cost.  Ladydell limited under any circumstances does not offer returns or exchanges if the bike/scooter has been registered for you in your name.

Delivery: Any Damage must be reported within 24 hours of arrival, otherwise no claims will be accepted